Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cartoons, week of 09.06.09

This week was interesting, as facts and comments made by Tennessee's favorite son, Van Jones, come to the surface, I figured it would make a great cartoon of the week, however, somebody should have let him know that nothing newsworthy is supposed to happen over the weekend. I spent Friday night, with weekend guests, madly working on his likeness and the cartoon above anly to wake up Sunday morning to find that he as resigned. Suits me fine... we need one less Marxist who believes that the Bush Administration was responsible for 9/11 in the Whitehouse. Of course Howard Dean will miss him.

Congress goes back to work amid images making the rounds of them playing solitaire on their computers during a vote. Honestly, I don't know how they make it through a vote, so a little solitaire doesn't bother me... still, the point had to be made!

A friend of mine used the phrase "Swine Flu" as a descriptor for a hang over, I thought it was great and ran with it this weekend...

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