Monday, September 28, 2009

Cartoons, week of 09.27.09

This week, the United Nations took center stage. I was remind that there was a boogey man, and not only is he very scary and real, he can sometimes make me laugh. I don't know if Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Quadifi are funny looking and sounding because they are from different cultures and the voice-overs are amusing... but perhaps because the things they say and the things they stand for are so frightening, that short of soiling myself, I laugh.

Polanski was arrested Sunday when he entered Switzerland to accept a lifetime achievement award. This whole situation confuses me. Being a huge movie fan as well as a huge Polanski fan (he directed more of my top 20 favorite movies than any other director) it troubles me that this charge is still out there and more importantly, it has yet to be resolved. What he did was wrong and he should pay for his crimes, but really, Switzerland? Of all countries, a country that has tried to stay out all wars and not take a stand on anything?? Interesting.

Georgia has enjoyed over 10" of rain over the past 3 weeks. Needless to say the ground ain't thirsty anymore...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cartoons, week of 09.13.09

Cartoons, week of 09.20.09

It was Racism week at Mark Morgan. It was too important not to comment on. One thing I have learned form all of this, Racism is not Dead. Even though we have elected an African American as our president, we still have miles to go. I hope we are making strides, but with comments like Jimmy Carter's and outburst by "celebrities" like Kanye West, I think not.

I do want to give props to Beyonce, who gave her spotlight to Taylor Swift who was rudely upstaged by Kanye. She gets a big "A" for being a class act... shame on the rest of you fanning the flames for personal gains and marketing ploys. You disgust me...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cartoons, week of 09.06.09

This week was interesting, as facts and comments made by Tennessee's favorite son, Van Jones, come to the surface, I figured it would make a great cartoon of the week, however, somebody should have let him know that nothing newsworthy is supposed to happen over the weekend. I spent Friday night, with weekend guests, madly working on his likeness and the cartoon above anly to wake up Sunday morning to find that he as resigned. Suits me fine... we need one less Marxist who believes that the Bush Administration was responsible for 9/11 in the Whitehouse. Of course Howard Dean will miss him.

Congress goes back to work amid images making the rounds of them playing solitaire on their computers during a vote. Honestly, I don't know how they make it through a vote, so a little solitaire doesn't bother me... still, the point had to be made!

A friend of mine used the phrase "Swine Flu" as a descriptor for a hang over, I thought it was great and ran with it this weekend...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cartoons, week of 08.23.09

Several things were going on this week than concerned me. The ongoing debate over the health care legislation was at the top of the list. President Obama struck out at GOP leaders claiming that they targeting his health care bill for failure and that is why he has been having so much trouble getting by-partisan support. The simple fact is that it is a terrible bill, and awful idea at the core and just plain blind. He has no one to blame but himself.

As the Whitehouse continues to gather information on it's enemies (illegally) I begin to see something more frightening that the Bush Whitehouse ever tried to do. I never was in favor of all the information collection they were doing, but asking people to email the Whitehouse with names of people who were passing bad information on health care is just plain wrong, illegal and an abuse of power. Scary things loom on the horizon...

Cash for Clunkers continues to be called a raving success, but time will show the cracks in this plan. People who couldn't afford a new car yesterday are driving one today... give that about 6 months, old cars that some people rely on used parts for are going to the scrap yard, others that should be scrapped are showing up on used car lots, Toyota sold more cars than the nationalized american car companies, blah, blah, blah. Not to mention the fact that the government is very slow reimbursing already cash-strapped car companies. Another example of why the government should not be in the car business or any BUSINESS at all.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cartoons, Week of 08.30.09

Thank goodness August is over. Without those clowns working in DC, there is noting to redicule or poke fun of. We have to try real hard to find subjects to draw on.

This week Ted Kennedy passed away. Most of our cartoons pay tribute to him in our own way. I try to find humor in everything. Ted Kennedy was a giant of politics and is IS the end of an era. Even though I never personally agreed with a word he said, I admired him for sticking to what he believed in. Most people should take a cue from him.

Dad made a career of drawing Kennedy with a fish coming out of his ear, his own personal symbolism for Chappaquiddick ... for that reason, I stepped aside and let him pay one last tribute to them man. So this week, I drew the Georgia cartoon, i.e. made the strip.

The only thing harder to draw than the National cartoon, is a Georgia cartoon. I don't follow state politics, but I do follow NASCAR. This weekend is a first for NASCAR here in the state of Georgia, a race under the lights! I am very excited, although not going. I should be ashamed since i can sneak in the back way in less than an hour, but we are having non NASCAR company this weekend. Before you pigeon hole me as a NASCAR fan, there are a few things you need to know before you label me:

1. I am a painter as well as an editorial cartoonist.
2. I read Vonnegut and Bukowski.
3. I own a foreign car, 3 of them, and they all run.
4. I am an avid golfer, runner and mountain biker
5. I LOVE motorsports: Formula 1, FIA World Rally, IndyCar, LeMans, whatever...

On the other hand, I also own a gun, shoot armadillos, have a garden and love a good NASCAR race.

In watching the Kennedy news unfold, I noticed one thing, all the males had great hair. Being follically challenged at a young age myself, I pick up on things like this. I have friends that are from the Boston area and they all have heads full of hair. There has got to be something in the water