Monday, August 31, 2009

Cartoons, Week of 08.30.09

Thank goodness August is over. Without those clowns working in DC, there is noting to redicule or poke fun of. We have to try real hard to find subjects to draw on.

This week Ted Kennedy passed away. Most of our cartoons pay tribute to him in our own way. I try to find humor in everything. Ted Kennedy was a giant of politics and is IS the end of an era. Even though I never personally agreed with a word he said, I admired him for sticking to what he believed in. Most people should take a cue from him.

Dad made a career of drawing Kennedy with a fish coming out of his ear, his own personal symbolism for Chappaquiddick ... for that reason, I stepped aside and let him pay one last tribute to them man. So this week, I drew the Georgia cartoon, i.e. made the strip.

The only thing harder to draw than the National cartoon, is a Georgia cartoon. I don't follow state politics, but I do follow NASCAR. This weekend is a first for NASCAR here in the state of Georgia, a race under the lights! I am very excited, although not going. I should be ashamed since i can sneak in the back way in less than an hour, but we are having non NASCAR company this weekend. Before you pigeon hole me as a NASCAR fan, there are a few things you need to know before you label me:

1. I am a painter as well as an editorial cartoonist.
2. I read Vonnegut and Bukowski.
3. I own a foreign car, 3 of them, and they all run.
4. I am an avid golfer, runner and mountain biker
5. I LOVE motorsports: Formula 1, FIA World Rally, IndyCar, LeMans, whatever...

On the other hand, I also own a gun, shoot armadillos, have a garden and love a good NASCAR race.

In watching the Kennedy news unfold, I noticed one thing, all the males had great hair. Being follically challenged at a young age myself, I pick up on things like this. I have friends that are from the Boston area and they all have heads full of hair. There has got to be something in the water

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